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Body Treatments
Body treatments are a perfect combination of luxurious indulgence and remedial stimulation.

The aim of my treatments is to make your skin glow with youthful radiance and for you to look and feel instantly rejuvenated and relaxed.   All experiences commence with breathing exercises and a guided meditation to enable you to fully unwind.

You have the choice of two distinct treatments, all of which include dry brushing, exfoliating scrub, massage and mask.

Where possible the products I use are certified organic and free from:
x synthetic raw materials
x petroleum products
x synthetic fragrances
x harmful preservatives

Initial Consultation        £5
allow an extra 15 mins.

Detoxifying Hip and Thigh Experience     £75
(approximately 90 minutes)
This treatment is designed to stimulate, strengthen and support your body systems, encouraging the natural purification of your skin and cellular structures.  If used in conjunction with the recommended homecare routine and a healthy diet, this treatment is ideal to improve the look of cellulite and water retention around the thighs, buttocks and stomach.  The dynamic combination of Arbonne’s nutritive marine botanicals, rich in minerals withdraws toxins from the body and improves skin tone and vitality.

Body Envelopment Experience        £140
(approximately 120 minutes)
As your senses are relaxed with gentle exfoliation and massage, balance is restored throughout your body.  Tension is released from your scalp; natural botanical and mineral preparations soothe away your aches allowing peace.  A personalised programme of warm stone massage and lymphatic drainage will leave your skin and your body systems totally revitalised and perfectly harmonised.

All treatments include a relaxing scalp massage that can be omitted if preferred.
All treatments can be tailored to the individual and prices agreed on request. 
Courses of treatments can be booked in advance and discounted prices will be given.


Relish Living - Jenny Sebastian M.F.H.T., BABTAC Holistic Therapist

Holistic Therapy, Facials, Waxing, Massage, Reflexology

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